“From Messenger to IT Manager and Professor.
I came frIMG_9869om a humble background and on completion of secondary school, I always promised my mom that I would not have stayed by the road side and smoke weed. A family friend then gave me the opportunity to work as an Office Assistant/Messenger in the Government Service and I used this path to progress further.
I took some short courses with SALCC and moved towards Information Technology in Trinidad and the UK. There were persons who wanted to harm my progress but God is in charge prayers cannot be beaten. It was not an easy road, thanks to my mom who gave me a push and close family friends who contributed towards my success. I could not have done it all alone. I hold a MSc in Engineering and Technology with many years of experience in the IT industry.
Here I am today, a proud individual who started from the bottom of the ladder and made my way up through hard work. I was patient, the steps were long but here I am now an Information Technology Manager and also an Information Technology Professor.
I look back through this journey and thank God for arriving where I am today. You can do it too! “



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