Senior Archive


“I was born in the late 40’s in Marchand. Back then, Marchand was the place to live. Marchand was a lovely place. I remember playing cricket and football and being around the late Mindoo Phillip. My friends and I would eat mangoes and coconuts like there was no tomorrow. Unfortunately, those days are gone and


  We met Michael near Central bakery.  He was quite pleasant and remained calm as the guys teased him whilst he was being photographed. Show him some love the next time you see him around Castries..   Michael is an HOSL.


Humans of Saint Lucia in New York. “I have been here for quite sometime now.  There have certainly been rough patches but with prayer and hard work I was able to make it through.  The opportunities here are endless as long as you are determined to succeed.   I didn’t have much but from the


What has been your greatest trial since you have been here? “One time, my apartment got burnt and my son and I were placed into a shelter in the city [Manhattan].  No visitors were allowed and so every morning I had to take my son to Brooklyn to his sitter and go back to the


Meet Julianna from Aunty Mini (booth 11) of the Castries market. I got the opportunity to take a photo whilst I waited on my ‘salted with ground provision’. Yep, that’s how it is called. You should try it some time if you are a lover of salted tail (latje´kochon), salted snout (jol kochon), etc.

Words from the Wise

“My message to the young people is, give God your life. Keep Him in front and walk behind him. This is the only way.”


“You can take my picture but I am not photogenic.”


“In 1980, I represented the Ministry of Education at Ms. CSA. This was a lovely show although I remember being very nervous. A few years later, I participated in the Ms. Babonneau carnival queen show. That year, Ms. Virginia Poyotte designed my dress and she also served as chaperon. Guess what? I was crowned queen