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Tan fè tan. Tan kité tan.

Direct Translation Time creates time, time leaves time. Essentially, things change over time. Application It feels like only yesterday my son passed for Saint Mary’s College. I picked him up and paraded him through the town. I was such a proud father. It’s almost 25 years since he has graduated from college and now married with kids.


Yesterday, Dominica was ravaged by tropical storm Erica. Lives were lost and the country has been devastated. Most Saint Lucians would have remembered hurricane Tomas and its devastation and the events following. Our sister, Dominica needs us now, especially in our prayers. #HELPDOMINICA.


“This park is called Heroes park. It was opened in 1979. Three flags namely, the British, the French and Saint Lucian flag once flew here. We just had the Independence celebrations and not one flag was flown here. I have lamented my concerns to the powers that be but to no avail. This is such


Rain, sun, wind and storm, this tree withstood it all and has scars to prove its story. Ironically those scars and scrapes have further beautified it and may have even strengthened it. So too are the lives of the average St. Lucian. We are a resilient people who have overcome many adversities. Humans Of St.