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Bananes Bay

This morning we stopped at Bananes Bay, La Toc Road and got a few shots.  The people were generally friendly and welcoming except for that one guy who didn’t like my camera’s flash or so he claimed.  Special thanks to Randall, Robin, Gary, and Paul.  The octopus was delicious!


“My aunt gave me Snowie after my first puppy Coco died. Snowie is not a replacement though, because Coco can never be replaced. I love my Snowie. She is my baby. She is the love of my life.”


Whilst driving through a farm in the south, this egret perched on the bush near me. His elegance commanded me to reach for my camera and I photographed him. Although he is not a human but it is safe to say that he is a Saint Lucian. Hello Karyal! Thanks for stopping by.