Meet Thelma, a school teacher who was raised in Marchand, Castries. Listen as she speaks of her up bringing, her achievements, her strong hard-working mother and her dreadlocks.


“When you hear of the Marchand community and Marchand, there is a lot of negative connotation. But I am really proud to say that I am a product of Marchand.  I went to the Marchand Combined School. What inspired me is that, although my mom at that time, she had 11 of us, she ensured that she worked hard. She never begged. She never borrowed. She never stole. She worked hard and she ensured that we went to school.   Back then, there was no assistance from anybody.  I remember when I sat my Common Entrance, I studied by lamp. At that time there were very few distractions.

I really credit my parents for making education the focus and today when I look back I can say that my greatest inspiration was my mom. God bless her soul.   The fact that I wear my locks tells you that despite and in spite of having locks, you can be anything. Today I am a holder of a First Degree and a Master’s Degree and when my students look at me, and say Miss I want to be like you, it is really comforting and I always tell them that when you go to school and do your best, you can do anything that you want to do. You can also be anything that you want to be. What I really dislike now is the sense in our country where you have the spirit of entitlement. People always want, want, want, and they are not willing to give anything. So, I would just like to encourage the youth, young people and all the people out there rather than wanting just give more of yourself and whatever you give, it will come back to you.”

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