Humans of Saint Lucia in New York.

“I graduated as a medical assistant in June and work as a health aid in a very diverse community.  One of my patients is an older Saint Lucian lady who spoke creole to me when she found out that I am Saint Lucian.  But unfortunately, I could not have communicated with her.  She then went on to tell me that ‘you are from Saint Lucia yet you can’t speak creole’.  I felt so bad.”
“I really regret not learning to speak creole properly.  When I try to speak creole, I make such a mess with the language that my friends laugh at me.  If I could have done it all over, I would surely learn to speak creole fluently.  I am now making a desperate attempt to learn creole.  I have accepted that creole connects us as a community in the U.S and truly makes us Saint Lucian.”

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