I miss the fresh air.


Humans of Saint Lucia in New York

“I moved here when I was 15 and eventually realised that it was the land of opportunity. Unlike Saint Lucia where after secondary school your options are limited, the options here are plentiful after secondary school. With the right drive, the sky is the limit. It will be hectic and fast pace but survival is possible.”
“On the downside, the people here are not as friendly and respectful as at home. Although, I have been hearing a lot of stuff going on at home. In any event, I miss the fresh air and breeze. I miss the coconut guy who used to be near Wings of Love. I think his name is Glo KoKo. I miss the hot bread and butter with passion fruit juice from Bonnie’s Bakery in Castries. Its been 3 years since my last visit and its killing me. Saint Lucia will always be home.”

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