“I believe our greatest accomplishment in life can never be achieved alone. However when positive proactive forces come together with a common goal or interest for universal good, greatness is achieved. Usain Bolt, the Jamaican sprinter, was not a product of himself, but a commitment to a greater cause and coaching. A coach who believed in his ability. Every winner is coach! Every star has a positive role model! Every achiever has someone caring and offering; advice, encouragement, support and sound optimistic assistance. The interesting thing is as Caribbean people it is very difficult and challenging for us to bring ourselves to this level of reliance, trust and interdependence. The few who wisely do, achieve. It is then on us that we look beyond ones self and ask for assistance but also accept it. This does bring with it feelings of uncertainty. However it is this Caribbean fear of risk, the level of ignorance limits us. I assure you it is in this risk or chance of accepting and asking for help that we understand; WE WERE NOT BROUGHT TO THIS PLACE TO SIMPLY TAKE FROM ONE ANOTHER! ‘We are here to GIVE!’ As we all come here with nothing. Our one and unique unequivocal human mission in this life is to offer our gifts, talents, and energy to benefit one another, to create mutual gain, to grow to achieve elevate and to educate without cause.”

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