“I grew up between New York and Saint Lucia.  My parents divorced when I was about 4 years old and this was the first time I saw the big city.  What a beautiful city!  So many lights and so much to do.  I remember going back and forth to Saint Lucia where I attended school until the age of 13 and finished in NY.  There’s a few things I’ve learnt about New York; one that really stands out is the way New York can change you or rearrange you.  I have never changed or so I’ve heard.  “You are still Claudine”, they say.  I’ve seen some change, I’ve respected it and moved on.”

“I have dreams of being my own boss one day 🙂 I want to be a writer and I’ve heard I write well.  I have my own blog (my second one).   I want to be a journalist. I picture myself with a mic telling the nightly news.   I know some stories will be good and others will be heartbreaking.  I may face some crazy situations but I have no fear.   I want to run wild; be in the craziest places.”

“I’ve had to deal with a lot of setbacks and yes I’ve had health problems and trials which I thought would keep me under but guess what?  I also know this is just the beginning.  Life has its ups and downs but whilst I’m here I’ve made one promise to myself that no matter what comes my way I will bounce back.  I’ve kept that promise really well so far.  A higher power is leading me.”

“I am Claudine. A proud human of Saint Lucia in New York.”


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