“Who do yoIMG_7393u admire the most and why?”

“My Mother. In all my life I have not met a more generous and forgiving person. I cannot begin to count the numerous sacrifices that she made for me. Like a lot of St. Lucians, I grew up in a single parent household with a father who was capable of making a financial contribution towards my upbringing but choose not to. Growing up I never heard my mother say one negative word about my father. She believed that children should respect their parents no matter what. All of my positive qualities I learnt from my mother. She taught me to be patient and to work hard for what I want. Honesty, kindness, generosity and perseverance are the qualities she deemed to be very important and thus, she instilled these qualities in her four children. I am a very organized person and that is something I also learnt from her. My mother never let lack of funds or her small salary prevent her from letting us experience life. She would take us to carnival and Assou Square every year, and to the beach during the vacation. How many of you remember Concord which was once the fastest plane in the world? We were there to witness its landing at the Hewanorra Airport in Vieux Fort. My mother would always say to us, “You never know where you will end up in life and what you will have to do to survive; you need to learn how to do things for yourself. You need people but you should never fully depend on them.” As a result, from the age of five, she took the time to teach us how to cook, wash and clean. There is nothing or no one on this earth I respect more. Unfortunate are the persons who were not privileged to have a mother like mine. Words cannot convey what you have missed. To the fortunate ones, whose mothers are still alive, do not forget to give your mother the praise and glory that she deserves this Mother’s Day!”


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