“I am a Christ Follower, Family Lover, Thrill Seeker, Dream Chaser, Memory Maker, Risk Taker, Challenge Seeker, Food Enthusiast and Naturalista. My aspirations involve becoming a Business Woman and Tourism Professional. I am passionate about promoting Jesus, volunteering, singing and blogging about natural hair. As Independence draws near I’m reflecting on whether or not my goals are being materialized. So far I have obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management, while running a small hair braiding business and I’m in the process of developing a natural hair product brand. As a human of the St. Lucian society I see it fit not only to declare a state of independence, but to ensure that I take hold of this freedom and use it to better equip others. I have many goals and the ones which have been attained were done so through the help of many other Humans of St. Lucia. What does Independence mean to you? Many of us gain self sufficiency and keep our knowledge and resources to ourselves. How much better and more beautiful St. Lucia would be if the goal in every heart would be to strengthen one another? I believe that it is through Interdependence that a society truly becomes independent.”


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