IMG_4261What has been your greatest trial since you have been here?

“One time, my apartment got burnt and my son and I were placed into a shelter in the city [Manhattan].  No visitors were allowed and so every morning I had to take my son to Brooklyn to his sitter and go back to the city to work.  After work, I had to head to Brooklyn to get my son and back to the city.”

How did get your into coconut oil business?

“Sometime last year I decided to buy 4 coconuts to make oil.  I got quite a bit and gave sIMG_4256-2ome to a friend and she suggested that I should make it for sale.   So, I decided to give it a try.  I have no regrets on that decision.  It’s a lot of work but, I’m a Caribbean girl and a strong Saint Lucian woman.  I am now up to 200 coconuts a week!”

Any regrets about your move here?

None at all. It’s challenging.  I’m a single mother having 2 jobs being a nanny and making my oil. I also ran a Facebook group for nannies where I post jobs for the members.  The struggle has been real but without struggles what would life be ?

  1. the struugle is real

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