“Some years aback, while completing my first degree, I interviewed for an IT internship position with First Caribbean International Bank in Barbados, the interviewer asked me to identify my weaknesses. After giving it some thought, I responded, “fear”; more specifically fear of failure. At this point, the interviewer observed that although it may be my weakness, but it also seemed to be one of my strengths, probably one of my greatest strengths. In the years following, I have reflected on this and on my actions and I came to realise the truth in his assessment. Whenever I have been faced with an overwhelming challenge (and there have been quite a few), my first emotion is to be fearful, afraid of not knowing what is to come, or fear of failing. But even within that fear, there exists this overwhelming drive to succeed and to achieve. This fear propels me into action and overcoming whatever challenges I may be faced with. Those who know me very well, believe me to be a very strong young woman (and most possibly so), but it is that fear that fuels my strength, my drive!!”


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