“I am 21 years. I went to the ___ secondary school but I used to get into fights. I used to live at Forestiere with my father. Later I had a shack in Guesneau but it got burnt down. So I am now here.


“Here to collect some [CXC] past papers. Need to ace my exams.”   Share this on WhatsApp


   “Ever so often I come here to cast my net. Father, bless my net today.” Share this on WhatsApp


“My dance background began when I was only 3 years old. My mom enrolled me in the St. Lucia School of Ballet and Modern Dance because she said I would walk around my house like a ballerina on my toes. Fourteen years later, I


“My family and I start our preparations at 12pm every day. By 1.30pm we are ready to serve you the best hot bread there is on island. Thank you for patronising.” Share this on WhatsApp