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Humans of Saint Lucia in New York. “I have been here for quite sometime now.  There have certainly been rough patches but with prayer and hard work I was able to make it through.  The opportunities here are endless as long as you are determined to succeed.   I didn’t have much but from the

Siblings @ the Square

Repost: Matthew 19:14 King James Version (KJV) But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.


Humans of Saint Lucia in New York. During my early winters in New York, my skin used to get very dry and flaky.  I tried lots of moisturisers and other skin products but none got rid of the dryness. So, one day I read the ingredients on the label of a bottle of moisturiser and


Humans of Saint Lucia in New York. Look who we spotted!  Its Lamar.  I usually call him Jo_er but I won’t on this post given that anything posted online can be seen by the world.  In any event, despite his smile, his visit to the U.S is not for pleasurable reasons and I pray that


Humans of Saint Lucia in New York. “I graduated as a medical assistant in June and work as a health aid in a very diverse community.  One of my patients is an older Saint Lucian lady who spoke creole to me when she found out that I am Saint Lucian.  But unfortunately, I could not

Rain by 4th World

So, we are still in New York and should be featuring humans of Saint Lucia over here, however, we found this video online last night and thought we should share. The band featured here is 4th World out of Saint Lucia. We really loved their vibe, the beat and the vid as well. Let us


Humans of Saint Lucia in New York. “Growing up in Saint Lucia, I always wanted to do ‘boys’ stuff like climbing trees and karate however, my father wanted me to do ‘girlie’ stuff.  Deep down I was never a ‘girlie’ girl but never got a chance in my younger years to be the real me.