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Bananes Bay

This morning we stopped at Bananes Bay, La Toc Road and got a few shots.  The people were generally friendly and welcoming except for that one guy who didn’t like my camera’s flash or so he claimed.  Special thanks to Randall, Robin, Gary, and Paul.  The octopus was delicious!


“I am headed to Serenity Park to have my usual lunch date with a special friend named Sharna. It’s usually a triple date; however there will be only two of us today. We’ve been having lunch together everyday for the longest while now. We go way back to 2004 where we became classmates in Form


“Goofing off with my friend after lessons.  She is in the background.”


“You go to school to get all this education but it’s so difficult to get a job. Employers ask for experience yet to get the experience you need a job. Then, you see all those persons who didn’t even do well at school that are working but you can’t get work. I don’t have the


“I was born with a hole in my heart and at age 3, I was operated on to have the hole ‘blocked’. The clinical term is VSD repair. My parents were fearful for my life and they thought that I would have not made it. I guess that God thought otherwise. I have my scar

Home Sick.

Humans of Saint Lucia in new York I am seriously thinking of moving back to Saint Lucia. My friends and family think that this is a bad idea. I am caught in this decision. I think that I will be happier at home. Look out for me in Saint Lucia.

I miss the fresh air.

Humans of Saint Lucia in New York “I moved here when I was 15 and eventually realised that it was the land of opportunity. Unlike Saint Lucia where after secondary school your options are limited, the options here are plentiful after secondary school. With the right drive, the sky is the limit. It will be


Humans of Saint Lucia in New York “I came to NY with $200 in my pocket and a dream. After I bought my clippers I had $25 dollar left. In my first week I made $250. $50 more than what I came with. I developed the mindset that everything else has been extra. For me