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“I am hopeful despite the challenges of life because with God all things are possible. All I have to do is believe.”


 “I am 21 years. I went to the ___ secondary school but I used to get into fights. I used to live at Forestiere with my father. Later I had a shack in Guesneau but it got burnt down. So I am now here. I sometimes get food by my mother in Cas-en-bas. I don’t


“Here to collect some [CXC] past papers. Need to ace my exams.”  


   “Ever so often I come here to cast my net. Father, bless my net today.”


“My dance background began when I was only 3 years old. My mom enrolled me in the St. Lucia School of Ballet and Modern Dance because she said I would walk around my house like a ballerina on my toes. Fourteen years later, I am still a student of the school and still expressing myself


“My family and I start our preparations at 12pm every day. By 1.30pm we are ready to serve you the best hot bread there is on island. Thank you for patronising.”