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“A lot of people have been asking me since when I’ve been writing. Well, I have been writing since I was 9 years old. I have always written. If you look into copies of the Voice Newspaper of 30 to 40 years ago, you will find poems by little Dawn French. What is new to


“My farm is in Venus, Millet. I grow quite a bit of produce like the ginger (jenjamn) and turmeric (tjitjima) that you can see here. The area is snake infested; we kill snakes (sèpan) and boa constrictors (tèt chyen) on a regular basis. Thank God for my ‘tosh’. I always keep one near by to


“I was born in the late 40’s in Marchand. Back then, Marchand was the place to live. Marchand was a lovely place. I remember playing cricket and football and being around the late Mindoo Phillip. My friends and I would eat mangoes and coconuts like there was no tomorrow. Unfortunately, those days are gone and


“Growing up, I used to be very quiet and reserved. I would head home to my books and stayed in my little circle every day after school.   Bubbly was not a part of me. I probably got this reserved trait from my dad, for he is very reserved himself. However, in my late teens